Belkahla Ahmed

Belkahla Ahmed

Cyber Security Consultant @ EY - CTF Player @ Fword



Cyber Security Enthusiast from Tunisia, I enjoy playing in hacking and pentesting competitions and skip classes to play CTF.


  • Anime && Naruto
  • CyberSecurity
  • Web Exploitation
  • Binary Exploitation
  • CTF
  • Pentesting
  • Coding


  • Engineers's Degree in Computer Science & Networks, 2020

    National Institute Of Applied Science And Technology, INSAT



Cybersecurity Consultant & Penetration Tester


May 2021 – Present Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the development of EY CSIRT web platform.
  • Participating in several Pentest and vulnerability assessment missions for worldwide clients.

Cybersecurity Consultant & Penetration Tester [Part Time]


Oct 2020 – Mar 2021 Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Directed several VAPT activities
  • Participating in SOCaaS solution development
  • Developing an automated Penetration Testing Framework

Vice Chair / Technical Manager

Securinets National Association

Jun 2019 – Present Tunisia

Responsibilities include:

  • Held Web Security Workshop throughout the semester
  • Held Networking Security Workshop
  • Held Active Directory Security & Attacks Workshop (
  • Organizing CTF challenges & CTF Infrastructure deployment

CTF Player


Nov 2018 – Present
  • I learned a lot about Hacking & Cybersecurity
  • Web / Binary Exploitation technics
  • I learned more about Pentesting & Memory Forensics


CSAW MENA Finals 2nd Place

See certificate

TT Security Day 3 CTF

3rd Place

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

See certificate

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These are some network and security related tools, including a keylogger, undetectable Backdoor, DNS/ARP spoofer and a file interceptor